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Google is paying Apple $ 3 Billion (19500 Crores in ₹) to remain default search engine on its devices.
Default search engine deal
According to U.S. research and brokerage firm, Bernstein Google is reportedly going to pay $3 billion up from what it spent three years back, in 2014, $1 Billion(6500 Crores in ₹).
It a win-win situation for both the companies as Google, being by far most popular search engine on the web, Apple cannot afford to have any other default search engine. And for Google, the Apple devices account 50% of their traffic, so backing out of the deal may not be an option for it.

Apple has previously dropped Google Maps as their default navigation service with introduction iOS 6. Similarly, Youtube was also dropped as the default app several years ago. So neither Google nor Apple is willing to take chances. It is highly likely that this deal will sail through.  If confirmed, this deal will account for 5% of apple operating income this year.
With apple repeatedly highlighting services section as its core business and it becoming a fortune 100 services company, we may see an Apple search engine in the near future. But for now, they have to stick together.
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