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Five years ago, Telegram was launched with security and user privacy in mind, both of which have become more relevant than ever before. Ever increasing malware attacks and hacking has made Telegram the default secure messaging app, making it reach 100 million mark in two and half years. Today we look at how Telegram stands out in the ever-increasing world of messaging apps. Here are some features which enhance your Telegram experience.

1. Supergroups

Telegram lets you create groups up to thirty thousand members, but there is a little trick to activate it. If you have a group of 200 members, that's the limit for a General group and want to increase it then you have to go for a Supergroup which will allow you to have 30,000 members. To enable Supergroup, you have to go group menu and click Supergroup. It takes you confirmation page, clicking upgrade here changes the group to Supergroup. Remind you, the process is irreversible, and it changes the group properties. Also, if you want to share a message with your new members, then you can pin, so that it stays on the top.  It's way over the 256 limit in WhatsApp making it perfect choice for power users.

Supergroup has advanced features such as Admin Rights, Partial Bans, Recent Admin Actions. Admin Rights allows you give specific sets of privileges to Admins. Using Partial Bans, you partially restrict members rights to stop them from causing problems

2. System-wide search

Finding things in telegram is a piece of cake. With the help of global search option, you can see most popular items, displayed first. But finding a message in groups is like finding a needle in the haystack. But if you use "from:user+keyword" search string becomes very simple. It directly takes you to the sender messages containing the mentioned keyword.

3. Photo Editor 2.0, Masks and Homemade GIFs

The integrated photo editor is quite helpful for those quick edits required just before sending your latest selfies. It allows you to add a drawing, masks, and text in the picture. The masks are intelligent themselves. They adjust according to your face. GIF is trending, and Telegram makes sure that you don't miss out. Creating GIF are a breeze in Photo editor. You just have to record a video and tap the mute button to make it lopped GIF.

4. Favourite Stickers

If you have 5 or more stickers installed in your Telegram, then you can mark the sticker frequently used as favourites. They always remain on the top sticker panel. It is a handy feature as you can get lost in the sea of stickers uploaded every day.

6. Instant Views

It lets you see an article with no delay. Sharing article with instant view enables the recipient to see it almost instantly. There will be no loading times. It's like having Google AMP built right into you Telegram.

7. Bots

Bots are one feature that makes Telegram special. It's AI-powered service which allows you to get the latest information from top publication right into the app. You can subscribe to bots or mention them in chats.  You can interact with bots by sending them messages and commands, Just like a regular chat message. Various services like Gmail Bot, Image Bot, GIF bot, IMDB bot, Wiki bot, Music bot, YouTube bot, GitHub bot, TechCrunch and thousands more are supported.

8. Self-destructing messages

If privacy and safety is one of your main concerns then there is a high chance you will using "secret chat" option. It offers end to end encryption just like WhatsApp. But there is improvised feature in it called self-destructing message. It deletes the message from both the device after a pre-set time. You can access it via top bar/input field in Android/iOS respectively. You can set the timer and then send the messages. As soon the recipient sees it, the timer starts and after time runs out the message vanishes.  And also, you will get a notification if the receiver takes a screen, although it is not entirely reliable as there is no definite way of detection of a screenshot. You can easily take screenshots on iOS but to do same on Android 7.0 and above device is going to be difficult.

Hiding photos received from the gallery.

Telegram is a cloud based messaging platform, so there is an option to save the media in gallery or not. Once disabled, the media remains on the cloud, thus freeing up your precious storage. To access this, you have access the hamburger menu and go-to messages tab. There you can see the toggle switch. It remains enabled by default. Enable it, if you want to save all the media in the local storage and available to access from the gallery. One more thing, there will be Auto play GIFs option. Disable it if you want to get rid of annoying lopped GIFs.

9. Telegram on PC or MAC

Telegram runs on virtually any machine with a brain, which makes versatile but at the same time makes it vulnerable to unauthorized access. To make sure anything's regretful doesn't happen you can enable the two-step. Enabling it will prompt you for an additional password which will require whenever you log in to the new device along with the SMS sent to the registered mobile number. There’s an option to check how many clients are online with your account. Here you can log out of all other clients or select a specific client to log out.

10. Passcode

Telegram comes with an inbuilt lock feature which gives you an additional layer of security. You can enable the passcode feature in "Privacy and Security" option. Enabling it brings you a lock icon in the top right corner just beside the search. Click it will lock telegram, and the next time you open the app, you will be prompted for a password. Locking every time before closing the app may be annoying and forgetting, so there is an option of Autolock which automatically lock the app after a specific period. There is another toggle here which enable/disables you from taking screenshots.

11. Hide Last seen for selected contacts.

Lass seen has been one of most controversial features in WhatsApp. Disabling it hides your last seen from everyone, which might raise some questions from your loved ones. Telegram gives you an option to save you from those uneasy questions and lets you disable last seen for just those annoying contacts which tend bother you. You can access this in "Privacy and security " menu.

12. Emoji shortcut

Getting emojis on desktop sometimes may be tricky as there is no emoji keyboard. But this problem can be solved using a short. Type ':' with the related keywords and you get your emoji. For example ':sunglasses' gives you the emoji. This can speed up your emoji game.

13. Multiple Profile Photos

If WhatsApp app has status then telegram has option to assign multiple profile photos. Once someone clicks your profile picture, they will appear as multiple profile images along with thumbnail previews on the lower part of the screen. This behaviour is similar to that when a user opens an album to check out photos.

14. Saved messages

There are some messages which you want to readily accessible. Saved messages give you this feature. While forwarding any message the first recipient comes is the "Saved messages". Forwarding it to that saves it to the Saved Messages chat which will always first in your chat list. You find the saved in that list and clicking it will take you to the original location where message existed.

Setup a proxy server for app.

You can set up a proxy server in Telegram from the "Data and Storage" section. A proxy server is essentially a computer or application which acts as an intermediary between the client and real server. It is helpful in keeping your anonymous and protecting your privacy.

Using the above tips and tricks in the day to day usage will help you speed up productivity and let you overcome the limitations of WhatsApp. We hope that this article provided you what you came looking for in the first place. If you find any other tricks useful, please use the comment section to let the world know.

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